How You Should Prepare Your Business Listing for Success

24October 2019

I want you to get all the value you can for a Free Business Listing or a Premium Business listing.
There is a right way to do this and I want to make you aware of how to do it correctly.
So we will go over some business listing practices that will help improve how Google will find you and help your ranking factor.

1. Important Business Listing Tip:

If you have a GMB “Google My Business Listing copy the address exactly into a note pad so you can use this every time you
complete a business listing so every one of them is the same.
If you don’t have one start there.
If this is too much for you to handle or don’t want to but want great rankings we can help you count on us we have your back.
Don’t do this correctly it will cause problems for you and your website.
You also will be wasting a lot of time.
Do the same thing for a web 2.0 websites and social sites.
Seriously I can’t stress enough how important this is.
Do this for any premium listings and every single thing you put up online for your business.

2. Local Business Listings Websites

There is a lot of local business listing sites in your area, take tip 1 and make some new business listings.
The more you do the better off you will be.
There are some really good ones that you should do like GMB, mapquest, Bing and many more.
All this will boost rankings and build backlinks to your site.
You can find business listings on Google just look up the listings in your area or nationally.
We can do this for you to save you a ton of time and we will do it right for a reasonable price.

Business Listing

3. Creating a Great Business Listing for Your Business

Let’s talk about how to create the best listing you can.
Free listings in most cases only will let you create so much information.
If you are a powerhouse look into a premium listing you can see one here.
Here’s the difference, the free listing you will be able to create the name of the business, address, phone, website, and a
sometimes photo.
The premium business listing that you can create an address, phone, website, video, a nice description, and photos.
Plus you will get featured on the front page and you know how important that can be especially if you are on page 10 in the listings.
Remember again I hope I am driving this home put all the address the exact same.

Make sure you fill out everything you can to get the most out of the listing.

4. Ranking with Business Listing Websites

Creating a backlink from the business site to your website or GMB or any property you own.
This is the biggest reason for doing this.
More backlinks coming into your site the better especially if the business listing website has a high page rank.

5. How Many Properties Do You Have?

What do I mean by properties let’s think of it as a monopoly board most of you should know what that is.
If not it is a game and the idea is to get as many properties when someone comes around the board they will land on your property so you will make more money.
So let’s take this a different way because most people are motivated by money and they want more. Right!
Think about this you are a store owner and you only have 3 products.
If you were smart you would more products so you can make more money. Right!
Why not do that with web 2.0 websites, social media accounts, blog post, GMB local business listing, national business listings
One more analogy you have a garage sale and you have a sign but you really want to sell everything smart thing to do is put more signs out.
The more the better.
Are you getting the picture?
A lot of people say I have a website but after what you heard here is that enough.
SEO is highly important to the health of your business and if you aren’t doing it your competition probably is and that could be why he is busy and your not.
They are stealing your traffic.

I hope I help you understand about creating your own business list.
How important it is to start with a Google My Business listing and copy the NAP from there so all the listings you do in the further will be the exact same.
NAP stands for name, address, and phone number.

Create your business name.

I did a short and a long description because of some listings like short and some listings like long.

Your NAP

Social site

A logo

Photos and videos

Put this all in a text file I use Notepad ++ it is so much better than just note pad.

That way you will have when you need it.

We offer SEO services that can help you with your rankings on Google.
If you really want the best we have a serious 6-month plan or if you aren’t really serious we can do listings, press releases, GMB SEO build-out or any kind of digital marketing you want..
Marketing is not really why you got into business right so you do what you do best and let the professionals help you do what we do best.
If you want our help contact us here.

Our goal here is to give back to the community and helping your business and helping the community find your business too. Good Luck

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